Kat's Picture

Katrina Gregorius was born from the fusion of a nurse and bank manager.  Despite having conservative career influences she managed to find herself in the world of animation. She began her education in the arts at Rutgers: The State University of New Jersey and continued her education in animation through Vancouver Institute of Media Art (Vanarts).  Since Vanarts she’s worked for the Academy Award Nominated studio, Michael Sporn Animation.  Her work for Michael Sporn Animation includes a half hour special for HBO, “I Can Be President: A Kid’s-Eye View” and Between the Lion’s “Priceless”.  Katrina has also worked with award winning filmmaker Theresa Loong on “Chicken Fat”, a short music video about exercise.  Her scope of work is mostly character animation but also includes character design, storyboarding, graphic design as well as website design.  Katrina is currently freelancing, working on her short film, having lots of playtime and drawing inspiration from her new baby boy.



sir john iii

six shooters demo

imagine italy

dill pickle ice cream

roll 6 poker

life drawing